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Machu Help Customers with Price protection through hedging of Physical Gold.

Machu Platform

About Machu

Why to choose Machu?

Financial inclusion through Blockchain & Banking. MACHU provides upside investment and utilization potential for investors.

Benefits of Using Machu

Financial inclusion through Blockchain & Banking, Come back of historical money - Machu “Gold Backed Digital Asset, InterBank settlement with Digitized Gold Backed Assets".

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MACHU is the first and only digital currency to be backed by gold REG-D bonds which can be quantified and valued as per the London Metal Exchange rates. It is Designed to work as a medium of exchange.

Cloud Based

Arbitrage Tools

MACHU act as internal Tactical Arbitrage Vis A Vis Gold Bond (Crypto Pricing Vis A Vis Gold Pricing). You can make money with online arbitrage by using tools that source assets.

No transaction fees


MACHU shall act As the Parity Mechanism with other tokens because of its gold backing. It helps uses to strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

Instant operations


Supported By Own Banking Licenses Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay & Switzerland; Settlement Currency Between Financial Institutions For Trade Transactions; Inter-Institutional Fund Transfer; Mastercard, VISA Facility.

Strong teams & Advisors

Strong teams & Advisors

When you look at what clients need—comprehensive advice across their financial lives—it very quickly becomes obvious that the only way to deliver that is through a team.

Protects the identity

Controlled Supply

Without Littering the market, will add to Its Demand As Well Besides its Gold Weight while adding value with Market Mechanism.

Machu Token Supply

Come back of historical money with Machu it is a “Gold Backed Digital Asset Currency".

Technical Environment

  • Nihilo

    Private Blockchain
    (Blockchain operated by a supernode in order to process all transactions)

  • Algorithm:


  • Ticker:


  • Max supply:


  • Premine:

    every 5 years 50 mil coins will be premined

  • Bandwidth:


  • Block time:

    120 sec

  • Confirmations for transaction:


  • Bandwidth:


  • Confirmations for mined block:


  • Block size:


Business Proposition

Machu Business Proposition